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What Even IS a High Court Challenge?

By Nadia Kim

What Even IS a High Court Challenge?

I was across the islanded sea for its most, that
year we all knew was worse than the same-as-
before (somehow!), and secretly I was
so cagey (not usually but very
sometimes, at the news outlets)
upon return.

In 2017, crowed an original September.
(Mum had a car ready, playing jazz)
For once, time was original (but still full of caution). For 
a while, the medical guardian and Electoral Commission had
noted that (for once) unknown preliminary results just were.
With envelope in hand
we drove straight to 
a red postbox in Charnwood, from the airport. But,
I was so cagey.

here’s why: 10 times, as it flooded, fervently, in November,
12–16 religions had pledged support;
relieved, rather, than being between
8 correlations: we had readied the Eastern Suburbs signage (yes, do)
readied the electorates (somewhat)
readied ourselves for respectability and the Family Tax Benefit (to continue).

That day’s morning I was 144-sided, suggested: Queen 
Latifah Missy Higgins PJ Harvey Miss Blanks.
We were liberal at work, with no unlawful funding, but we only could
compromise on a playlist of George Michael’s “Free>domme” (naturally, 
inside a wife/husband/husband/wife composition).
Come play a while, I thought, any are the ways. But I kept
my voice most of the way down. I was still so cagey.
Cis-hets seemed relieved at the “wrong side of the Red Rooster line”.
About one year in the continent “Australia” just was (reflecting and compelled);
it did or did not require equality.